Zorzal Single Origin

Zorzal Single Origin

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Zorzal Single Origin (85%)

Ingredients: Cacao, cacao butter, coconut sugar, and a sprinkle of maple sugar.

The Zorzal bird sanctuary is a first of its kind project in the world, providing non-timber forest products in a sensitive ecological region, integrating food and habitat for endangered Bicknell Thrushes that migrate from Quebec and Vermont to the DR every winter, and celebrating the regenerative ecology of forest gardens across the Americas.  We chose to use maple sugar, cacao, and a touch of salt to celebrate the uniting of these forest gardens of the South and the North through the symbolic vehicle of a carbon credit regenerative cacao program.  Carbon credits don't taste good, but wrapped in a delicious piece of regenerative cacao its easier for people to wrap their tongues and their heads around the important role that forest gardens can play in preservation and regeneration of habitat.

  • Region: north-eastern mountains of the Dominican Republic
  • Producer: Zorzal Cacao -- they produce cacao while also providing a bird sanctuary for endangered wildlife. Forest garden of cacao with food for birds. Touch of sea salt to symbolize the ocean journey. Translocal -- ecology on a continental scale.
  • Tasting notes: caramel, acidity, raisin finish