Uranga Single Origin

Uranga Single Origin

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Uranga Single Origin (85%)

Ingredients: Cacao, cacao butter, and coconut sugar.

Uranga cacao comes from Don Tito's amazing forest gardens in Pichucalco, Chiapas which one of the most ancient cacaotero growing regions of Mexico profundo.

Taste the the craftsmanship and generations of cacao cultivation, in this technically superior fermentated cacao. 

Futhermore  taste the complexity of flavours from a trinitario cacao grown in forest garden poly-culture, including: Cacao, vanilla, achiote, cinnamon, mamey, guanabana, bird of paradise flowers, allspice, ginger and hard wood.

Don Tito was recognized in 2017 was recognized at a national as a leader in the cultivation of fine mexican cacao.

Tasting notes:  Woody, low acidity, nutty taste with hints of rose.