Choco-Alegria 2 pack

Choco-Alegria 2 pack

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Our Choco-alegria is the best new product of 2017!

Crunchy and light protein rich, puffed amaranth is the highlight ingredient of this pre-Hispanic inspired treat.  Amaranth is grown throughout the meso-americas for thousands of years and served as crunchy treats in Mexico called Alegrias aka little Happiness!

These will make you happy indeed and boast some impressively protein rich ingredients.  These are wonderful snacks that go great with tea or coffee, full of whole foods and nutrients. 

Ingredients: Puffed amaranth, 75% Dark chocolate, Kakai Pumpkin seeds*, Dried cranberries(apple juice sweetened), extra virgin coconut oil, cacao nibs, agave or honey.

Two round seedy bars per bag!